Fotolia TEN S2: winners unveiled | Illustration | Creative Bloq

Congratulations to digital artist Ezequiel Pini – winner of the Fotolia TEN competition.

The image library Fotolia has announced the winners of Season 2 of its image manipulation competition TEN, and congratulations go out to Ezequiel Pini, who took the main prize for his artwork in the Game On category (above). The final judgment took public opinion into account as well as Fotolia’s panel of experts. There were also winners in nine further categories, shown below.

Ezequiel won an Intuos Pro M Special Edition Tablet, a one year subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, a Westcott Lighting Kit and 30″ 5-in-1 Reflector, an Exaprint Light Box, an Eizo 24.1 inch Monitor, a free template from Template Monster with 500 USD worth of customization services.

He also won a one year Fotolia subscription (including 100 downloads per month), both the S1 and S2 TEN Collection creative packs, and €100,000 of international promotion.

Ten Season 3 will be launched on March 10.

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7 unbreakable laws of user interface design – Designer Blog

Are you a web designer? If yes, then you are also a user interface designer, and in the near future, this role will become even more important for you.

While web pages today have simple user interfaces with no more than navigation and contact forms, the rise of new technologies and standards will create a demand for more dynamic and customized experiences.

This, inevitably, means more user interface work. So let’s see what you need to remember.

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The 13 best places to find free vector art online | Graphic design | Creative Bloq

Looking for free vector art? Joanna Zhou reveals sites that make it easy to track down high-quality graphics to meet your needs.

You know that feeling when a piece of work isn’t coming together and you need to test out lots of ideas but can’t risk the extra time drawing something from scratch? So you decide to search for some free vector art online – but it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for.

A good free selection of vector art can be a lifesaver for any designer. But more often than not, the process of finding what you need amidst cluttered, confusing pages just adds to the mounting deadline stress. To help you avoid that experience, we’ve put together a hand-picked guide to the best free vector art resources, including various useful designs that you can download in preparation for future projects. Please note and respect the Creative Commons licence if there is one.

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How to design a poster: 10 pro tips | Print design | Creative Bloq

Want to know how to design a poster? Three top poster designers offer advice to help you perfect the art.

If you want to know how to design a poster, then you can do no better than turn to the experts. With that in mind, we’ve quizzed three top illustrators and designers on their poster projects and got them to offer tips on how you can design better posters.

Whether you’re doing client work or creating a collectors’ series to sell on the likes of Society6, your poster design needs to convey information at the same time appealing to the aesthetic tastes of your audience. But where do you start and what do you have to bear in mind? Read on to find out how the pros do it…

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Minimalist posters poke fun at film titles | Posters | Creative Bloq

This illustrated poster series pokes fun at an often all-too-serious genre by taking movie titles literally…

  • A hilarious, literal take on the movie ‘Gravity’

Movie poster design tend to go one of two ways – they either stick to the Hollywood blockbuster formula or go for the more creative approach. We’re big fans of the latter, as you’ll see in our round-up of the best movie posters. However, we’ve never seen anything as creatively hilarious as this.

Illustrator Danish Ahmed has poked fun at film titles by creating this minimalist literal poster series. “While checking out ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ movie poster recently, I wondered what if the poster showed an actual wolf at Wall Street,” he explains. “Then suddenly I would find so many movies that could have had very different, totally unconnected posters if we went by their exact titles.”

He has tackled the likes of Gravity, Salt, Avatar and Man of Steel to hilarious effect. The colours and minimal style really set this series off making it look great as well as making us laugh.

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Free Design Resources: Templates and UI Kits | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Time for more great freebies for you! This time I’ve made a brief selection of some top-notch website templates that look simply amazing, and I’ve also selected a couple UI Kits, because that’s never too much.

Thanks to the designers behind these freebies! These will definitely come handy in some of our next projects. To download these, click the images and visit the download page. Also, if you want to share your own freebies or any other you might have saved in your bookmarks, let us know! The community will appreciate it. Cheers! 😉




And more

Flatic UserInterface Kit
Flatic UserInterface Kit

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10 free tools for creating infographics | Infographic | Creative Bloq

Don’t have hours to spare crafting something beautiful in Photoshop? Sarah James selects tools that won’t cost you a penny…

For all the importance we place on text, it’s an indisputable fact that images are processed in the brain faster than words. Hence the rise and rise of the infographic which, at its best, transforms complex information into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing. No wonder magazine readers and web visitors love them.

The only problem is, infographics that look like they were simple to make are often anything but. Creating something beautiful and instantly understandable in Photoshop is often beyond the limits that time allows. Which is why it\’s occasionally useful to use a quick and dirty infographics tool to speed up the process.

We\’ve selected our favourites here. They\’re all free, or offer free versions. Let us know which ones you get on best with…

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