A Show of Hands: Snap


I’ve always thought of myself as an organizer and motivator with strong leadership skills.  Once, fifteen years ago, someone told me I was bossy—that I just snapped my fingers and expected people to jump. Those words were said in anger—one time—fifteen years ago—but they made me question who I was.   I know better than to let someone’s negative words define me, but still, those words have stayed with me.   I wish I could just snap my fingers and make them disappear.  I guess if I were truly bossy, I could.

“Snap”–Graphite and Colored Pencil


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8 Popular Web Design Trends Dominating The Fall 2013 – Web Design Talks

Just like seasons, trends also tend to vary from time to time. Therefore, it is important to keep up with the new tendencies and explore new possibilities.

Changing trends sometimes seems daunting to some people because they are compelled to make amendments in their tactics and adapt new ones. However, it is taken as a golden opportunity for creative individuals who are always on the lookout to search ways through which they can unlock new doors and discover uncharted grounds.

The digital world of web design has also seen many trends come and go throughout the ages, although some are still being employed today. Generally, web design trends are prone to change due to the emergence of new technologies. As technologies evolve, more opportunities make their way in the industry thus causing new, appetizing juice flow in and fill our creative tanks.

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