2013 Holiday Gift Ideas for Designers and Artists | Photoshop Tutorials

We all get a little stuck picking presents for friends. A great gift should be one that is both creative and useful. Find out what to get designers and artists for Christmas this year with this list of twenty great gift ideas and one terrible one you must avoid.

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35 Free CSS3 Tutorials

CSS3 is really powerful for creating beautiful web designs. Typography is an integral part of any web design. In fact, it highlights and compliments the design. Since it is very important, designers take out a lot of time to select the right font for their website Some designers use Photoshop to add that extra effect however, it cause a blurry effect. Thanks to CSS3, you can easily create some really great text effects. I would totally give the credit to CSS3 for revolutionizing the way designers have been handling designing. The advantage of CSS3 is that it is supported by all browsers so you won’t have to go through any compatibility issue. Since, creating text effects with the usage of CSS3, it could be a little difficult for any designer, which is exactly why we have compiled a list of 35 free CSS3 tutorials. Go through these tutorials, enjoy and learn from them.

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Beautiful icons in PSD For Web Designers

Today, we will be sharing a list of 30 beautiful icons in PSD for web designers and these are definitely a must have for all designers. Basically, PSD files are perfect in case you are looking to create visually good-looking web layouts, icons and a lot of other stuff. Obviously, these icons are created by some known and good designers and they are sharing icons in PSD on regular basis. After a thorough search, we have carefully handpicked some great and beautiful icons in PSD and designers can benefit from out collection. The best thing is that these icons are available for free download.

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30 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

WordPress tops the list whenever one talks about content management system. The reason behind its popularity is the unlimited options to customize. Also, WordPress provides a proper support system in developing blogs. If you are looking to improve your WordPress’s performance, you can add some realy useful plug-ins. These plug-ins are absolutely amazing and the features will make your blog a lot faster and better. Obviously, there are a lot of plug-ins available online and one can search for them however, this can be a tedious task. In order to simplify things for you, we have handpicked some of the best and must have WordPress plug-ins for bloggers. After installing these plug-ins you will find a great improvement in your website’s performance. So, without any further delay, let us look at some of the best and must have WordPress plug-ins for bloggers. Below is the list of Must Have WordPress Plugins for bloggers.

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