10 time-saving Photoshop tips | Design | Creative Bloq

Mark Murphy quizzes fellow designers to come up with a brilliant list of Photoshop productivity shortcuts.

Deadline looming? Clients and bosses breathing down your neck? Are you wondering just where all that time went and how in the name of the holy CS you’re going to get this project out the door by 5:30pm? Of course there’s no excusing your habitual procrastination and frankly cavalier attitude to Facebook breaks, but we all know that when you’re racing toward zero hour, every second counts. It’s times like this when every element of your work needs to flow together efficiently, minimising ‘hover’ time between tasks while still allowing you to keep the bigger picture in mind.

It was with this in mind that creating a basic but invaluable cheat-sheet for Photoshop CS6 made so much sense. After quizzing designers across the Precedent digital design agency and mixing in some of my own favourites, I gathered a comprehensive list of our collective top tips for using any Photoshop from CS3 onwards.Whether you’re a Photoshop Padawan or an Adobe aficionado, there’s sure to be at least one tip in here that will ratchet up your workflow and save you time and hassle.

via 10 time-saving Photoshop tips | Design | Creative Bloq.


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