Minimalist posters poke fun at film titles | Posters | Creative Bloq

This illustrated poster series pokes fun at an often all-too-serious genre by taking movie titles literally…

  • A hilarious, literal take on the movie ‘Gravity’

Movie poster design tend to go one of two ways – they either stick to the Hollywood blockbuster formula or go for the more creative approach. We’re big fans of the latter, as you’ll see in our round-up of the best movie posters. However, we’ve never seen anything as creatively hilarious as this.

Illustrator Danish Ahmed has poked fun at film titles by creating this minimalist literal poster series. “While checking out ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ movie poster recently, I wondered what if the poster showed an actual wolf at Wall Street,” he explains. “Then suddenly I would find so many movies that could have had very different, totally unconnected posters if we went by their exact titles.”

He has tackled the likes of Gravity, Salt, Avatar and Man of Steel to hilarious effect. The colours and minimal style really set this series off making it look great as well as making us laugh.

via Minimalist posters poke fun at film titles | Posters | Creative Bloq.


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